Tandem Flights

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Take off of the ground and experience freedom without the usual limitations or a noisy engine. Hover in the fresh air connected with the wing by a few strings. Enjoy the gorgeous landscape and feel the force of the atmosphere.
Get out of your day to day life to be with you in your presence. Flying is a particularly useful possibility to experience that state.

We will be happy to join you at this experience.

You can gift this freedom to your beloved ones - get a Vouchers!

Areas to Fly:

The following areas are available depending on weather conditions and season.
St. Anton am ArlbergStart: Kapall 2330 m
Landing zone: Nasserein close to the golf course
Lech am Arlberg WinterStart: Kriegerhorn
Landing zone: next to Flühenlift
Lech am Arlberg SummerStart: Rüfikopf
Landing zone: next to Flühenlift
SchnifisStart: Hensler
Landing zone: Ried or Plateau in Schnifis

Duration of Different Flights

The duration of a flight depends on the difference of elevation and thermal conditions. Our starting points are chosen in a way that a regular flight will usually take about 15 min.
Often it is impossible to predict if a flight will become a thermal flight. The following flights are sold:

Gliding Flight

in St. Anton
Overall time: approx. 1h 30 min
Duration of the flight: approx. 15 min
Maximum altitude: 2330m

in Lech
Overall time: approx. 1h 15 min
Duration of the flight: approx. 12 min
Maximum altitude: 2290m

in Schnifis
Overall time: approx. 1h 15 min
Duration of the flight: approx. 10-15 min
Maximum altitude: 1350-1500m

Recommended to all who want to get in touch with para sailing and see the landscape from a bird's eye. If you want you may steer the wing during the flight. Either way you will enjoy the flight.

Season: Gliding flights can be done all year round.

Thermal Flight

Overall time: approx. 2h

Duration of the flight: approx. 30 min
Maximum altitude: 2600-2800m

During this flight you will experience flying in thermal conditions. We will gain height in thermal updrafts and maybe fly some distance which will depend on flying area and weather conditions.

Season: Thermal flights can be conducted from Februar to November and should begin about in the middle of the day or early afternoon.

Panorama Flight

Overall time: approx. 2.5h
Duration of the flight: approx. 1h
Maximum altitude: 2800-3300m

In addition to what a thermal flight provides you travel more distance at a panorama flight and getting up to a higher altitude. If you are in love with para sailing this is the flight for you. Please be dressed warmly.

Season: Panorama flights can be conducted from March to October and should begin about in the middle of the day or early afternoon. Good conditions are needed.


Firm boots, gloves, long trousers and a warm jacket is enough for enjoying paragliding. In winter time just show up with your skiing cloths (and skis and helmet). There is almost no restriction on age or weight.


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Prices for Tandem Flights



Various VOUCHERS are available to be used as a very special present. Even if you have ideas other than the specified sorts of flights let us know and we will find a solution for you.


All our experienced pilots have the necessary license and been flying for several years.

Tandem Wings

All our wings are the newest models and specifically designed for being used by two persons.


Liability for wing and passenger€ 1.500.000,-
Damages on luggage€ 3000,- , deductible amount € 150,-
Pure financial loss€ 12.500,-
Accident insurance for passengers (death/invalidity)€ 40.000,-

Booking your tandem flight

Book your flight online.